Our Story


We are a Siennese family who has lived in Tuscany since 1300 approximately. The owner of Il Battistero is Maddalena and her family settled here in the 14th century when ancestors came here from Volterra. Our coat of arms is represented by two rampant lions (strength, courage and nobility) on a “capo d’Angiò” (a blue head with three gold lilies, ordered in band and alternate from the four teeth).

They chose a beautiful location on top of a hill and built a wonderful complex over the centuries: Lucerena (“serene light”), from where you can see Siena, Larderello, Cecina, Volterra, San Gimignano and Florence. They started a big farm, producing olives, vineyards, wood, marble (the so-called "giallo della Montagnola", part of which was donated by our family for the construction of Siena’s Cathedral). The property has never changed ownership since the 14th century and by the mid 20th century reached 1000 ha. It's incredible how here, in Lucerena, in the mid 20th century, while a farmer was plowing a field, the plow fell down and a wonderful Etruscan tumb appeared. It seems that the area hides a big etruscan necropolis, but reaserch hasn't been made yet.

It's interesting that one of our ancestors, Ranieri, fought for the unity of Italy during the 19th century in the battles of “Curtatone e Motanara”, volunteering with other univeristy students of Siena against Radeski's troups. He later became mayor of Casole d'Elsa, while Ettore, Ranieri's brother was a colonel of the army. Another one, Francesco, was a famous prosecutor that celebrates the trial of Giuseppe Musolino, known as the King of Aspromonte, an italian bandit and folk hero.

Approaching the 20th century, one of the relatives, Marcello (1904 - 1989), was one of the most important traders of the area and a lot of people remember him for his insight and intellectual honesty. Maria, his wife, was a great pianist and Conte Chigi, the founder of Accademia Chigiana, once visited to listen to her perform Chopin's melodies. Giovanni (1933) the son, hasn't followed in his parents' footsteps, becoming a famous Professor at Siena University, while his wife, Maddalena takes care of the beautiful Lucerena, after the lamented death of her parents, Agostina and Ettore who originally developed the property. The daughter of Giovanni and Maddalena is Cinzia, a Professor of Demography and their nephew, Giovanni (1987) is a barrister.

We decided to convert the actual Il Battistero in mid 2014 with a passion for hospitality, giving to our guests something that other accomodations don’t: the love for our land and the willigness to give each guest the possibility to discover the real Siena.

Since we started, our guests have liked this new kind of hospitality and our aim for the future is to keep on going, transforming apartments located in strategic positions of the city center giving the guest a new experience: discover Siena and live Siena for a true Siennese experience.


Food & Wine


Breakfast is served every morning from 8:00 to 10:30 in the “Giovanni di Duccio” room. With prior request, it could be served earlier or later.

If you have booked the Santa Caterina room, the Pope Alessandro VII room or the Francesco di Giorgio Martini room you can also choose to have breakfast served in the room so that you can taste this delicious breakfast whilst overlooking the Cathedral or Siena’s dainty rooftops.

For our breakfast we rely on local suppliers and only use the freshest seasonal produce. We are also proud to recycle all our waste.

When breakfast is not included in the price of the room, you should consider our different options from 3 to 10 Euro. If you would like a different breakfast all you have to do is give us some prior notice and we will do our best to satisfy you. To avoid wasting food we kindly ask you to communicate your preferences the day before.


We have a 14th century farm in the Chianti area and for any suggestions about wine or products or about the region just ask us. It would be a pleasure to give you some advice on some nice wineries to visit and food to try. We are also improving a little corner here at Il Battistero Siena.

Morever, between 18:30 and 19:30 in the cellar of “Il Battistero” (the secret passage of the Pope) there is an “apericena” ​and​ it is available when there are 6 (or more) people. Consisting in platters of local products (salami, cheese and wine of the area)​,​ ​i​t is a perfect time to get "something in your stomach" before dinner. The price is 10 euro per person.


We don't have a restaurant inside Il Battistero Siena because within a radius of 350 meters from here you can find the best bars and restaurants in the city. We are pleased to book restaurants and give you some information on the best depending on your taste. All our guests come back from lunch and dinner full and happy, we hope to make you happy as well.

Want specific information? Please drop us an email, we will be happy to reply.