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Fast free Wi-Fi Flat Screen TV Air conditioning
30 square meter Heating 2 Double beds
Wardrobe 4 People Chairs


Basin Toilet Bidet
Shower Hair-Dryer Toiletry Set


The room is called Sant’Ansano (also known as “The Baptizer” or “The Apostle of Siena”) who is the patron of Siena, a son of the Anicii family of Rome.

According to the legend, Ansano of the Roman family of the Anicii (or Anicia) was born in 284 a. C. Once he arrived in Siena, he evangelized the city, but, because of his activity of religious engagement, he was imprisoned in the tower of the Rocchetta and subjected to the torment of the boiling pitch in this place that he took the name from him. An epigraph is along the Fosso di Sant'Ansano, near to Piazzetta della Selva, and so to this room.

This room has two king size beds and it can accomodate four people. It is like a small apartment.
The furnishing of this bedroom is a mix of modern and ancient design and on the walls you can admire some pieces of ancient frescos of the 13th century. One of the room is painted with the famous pompeian red: it is a red ocher of natural inorganic origin, composed of iron oxide. In ancient Rome it was known as the sinopsis, due to the city of Sinope where, according to Pliny, it was discovered for the first time. In Pompeii, as well as in other cities of ancient Rome, there are various examples of wall paintings in which this inorganic pigment has been used. It is also known by with the names of Rosso di Ercolano, Terra di Pozzuoli, “English red”, “hematite” and Terra Rossa di Verona.

The room comes complete with a private bathroom, a basin, a bidet, a toilet and a shower.
Approximately 50 square meters

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