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Fast free Wi-Fi Flat Screen TV Air conditioning
30 square meter Heating Mini Bar
Wardrobe Table Chairs


Basin Toilet Bidet
Shower Hair-Dryer Toiletry Set

Package Details

What we want to propose with our special package is an incredibile experience which you can enjoy only here, in our historical building, Il Battistero Siena , visited by some of the most extraordinary personalities of the past.
In this package we offer a stay of at least two days in one of the most historic suites, called Francesco di Giorgio Martini, in honor of this architect who was born and lived in this place. Guests of this room have been also the famous architect Le Corbusier in 1907, as well as Louis Kahn in 1951, who chose this building as the place where to stay during their journeys.
The rich breakfast will welcome you every morning in your suite for maintaining your privacy. In the evening you can enjoy an unique aperitif in the ancient aqueduct under the wine shop. It is a medieval secret passage, used in the 17th century by Pope Alexander VII in order to reach the cathedral.

The name of this bedroom is testimony to the great Siennese architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini (1439-1502) who lived in the apartment during his life as testified by the bust collocated in the façade of the building between the two windows of the suite. He was a fan of the contrada of Selva, one of the seventeen contradas which make up Siena. The bust was completed at the beginning of the 20th century by the sculptor Fulvio Corsini and around the neck of Francesco di Giorgio statue hangs a foullard with Selva's colours. Francesco had a big impact on architecture in Siena, Cortona, Urbino and Pesaro among others, as a painter, sculptor and architect. He is also well known for his “Work on Architecture”, one of the milestones of the architectural theory of the Italian Renaissance, recorded even in Giorgio Vasari’s “Lives of the Artists”. Among the many important people to have stayed in this room, we can count the world renowned architect Le Corbusier, a pioneer in modern architecture, who spent time here while on his travels through Italy in 1907, studying the façade of Siena’s Baptistery and Cathedral. From that very room he made a sketch of the Baptistery, now in Paris at Le Corbusier Foundation. See the sketch.

Generally, the suite can accommodate two people. Exceptionally – with prior request – a double sofa bed can be opened up in order to accomodate up to two more people. It’s a true gem, a stage facing the beauty of Siena. Between the two windows on the façade there is the bust of Francesco di Giorgio Martini. The furnishing of this bedroom is modern and there are modern paintings of Italian artists (for example of Francesco Musante) on the wall. The room comes complete with a private bathroom paved with ancient blue tiles, a basin, a bidet, a toilet and a shower. In this bathroom there is yet another small and picturesque window overlooking Piazza San Giovanni.

The suite has two windows overlooking the stunning Piazza San Giovanni, with a view of the entire Cathedral (Cathedral staircase, Baptistery of Siena), the top of the Torre del Mangia and the streets of ancient Siena.